Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Is the day after Christmas, and I have been reflecting on everything I have learned from Shelby Angel this year.  

1.  Worry less.   
I have had so many worried-filled minutes as I figured out how to rescue her, how I was going to pay for her, where she would live, how she would act, and every other worry I could conjure up.  Every time I had a worry, an answer would come.  Things always worked out.  Shelby continues to teach me to just let the worry go and everything will work out.  

2.  Be Patient.
I like to have the answer immediately.  I want things to work out asap.  I want to see the future and control the future.  I have learned this year with Shelby Angel that it is not possible for me to control everything or rush the answer.  I cannot predict the plan that God has for her or for me.  I need to be patient!  I think of her patiently sitting in the trap on that day she was caught.  It was as if she had just been waiting for someone to rescue her.  She is patient with the vet (how many shots, amputations, and painful foot soaks can one dog endure?).  She is patient with her caregivers.  She is patient with other dogs.  She is patient with puppies.  Shelby has taught me that love is patient and the answer will come.  

3.  Persevere.
Shelby Angel has taught me to persevere when times are tough.  If I just hang in there long enough, things will work out.  This is a great skill to have for family, work, and even sports.  Never, ever give up.  Good things happen to people (and dogs!) that persevere.

4.  Keep A Good Attitude.  
Positive is as positive does!  Everything is going to work out just fine.  Let's go through life with a smile on our face!  Think positively about future outcomes, and they will come true.  Ban negative thoughts from your mind and replace them with positive thoughts!!!!   

Thank you to everyone for reading Shelby Angel's blog this year.  She has had almost 1,000 visits!  Happy Holidays to everyone!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Motherly Instincts

Some dogs (people too, I suppose) just have motherly instincts. It may be the fact that Shelby Angel at one time had puppies and did not get to experience the joy of raising them (assumption based on the fact that she had been recently bred when we found her starving). Or maybe it is just the fact that she is the coolest dog around. We will never know why she is so awesome, but here is yet another picture of Shelby Angel showing some new foster puppies the ropes.

Heike says she has done so well since her heartworm treatment. She is also walking well on her new feet! It is getting time for her to find her forever family!!!!!