Monday, March 15, 2010

Shelby Love

Dave and I went on our 5-year anniversary weekend

And Shelby Angel went to stay with her grandparents.  

How would she get along with the two cats?  Would she behave on walks with my mom?  Would she be a sweetie in a new environment?

Well, when I walked into my parent's house on Sunday to pick her up, I found Shelby lying on top of my dad on the couch all snuggled up.  She was of course very excited to see me, but mainly I could just tell that she was happy overall with her weekend.  Her tail was wagging more in the the 3 hours at my parent's home than I have ever seen.  I mean, she had two grandparents doting on her.  (I am sure they over-fed her).  She looked like she was in heaven.  

Her weekend away made me realize even more how much she will blossom in her own home.  She is just searching for love!

Of course I had to steal some kisses from her tonight...I don't want to be outdone by the grandparents!