Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shelby Angel Is Ready To Be Adopted!

Hi! Shelby Angel is doing great! She has enjoyed a full holiday season with new friends and fun, and she is now ready to go to her forever home. Please feel free to pass this blog along to any friends that may be interested in taking a sweet, loving dog into their home. Thanks! Damie

Hi!  My name is Shelby Angel.  I am about a year and a half old spayed female, and I am a great mix of puppy and adult.  My foster dad likes to describe me as a "cool dog" since I act so calm, but I love to play with my toys and play games with other dogs.  A friend on a bicycle found me abandoned and starving in Shelby Forest, and I was in really bad shape.  My rescuers could tell right away that I had a heart of gold, and they helped nurse me back to health with medicine, love, and peanut butter.  I had to have a few toes amputated, and I have just successfully finished my first round of heart worm treatment.  I am so excited, because this means I am ready to go to my home!

I mostly love to snuggle and cuddle.  I am good at taking care of other puppies and foster dogs.  I have gotten along with everyone that I have met, and I have even lived with two cats!  I kind of just fit in wherever I go, and I am eager to be in a loving household.  Of course I like to go on walks and play outside, and I will do basically anything for peanut butter...sit, stay, kiss...   I have to admit, I can be a little shy at first.  But, for every day that you love me and earn my trust, I will add 10 extra tail wags to the deal.  Think of how that will add up!  I am looking for my forever home.  Can I come live with you?    

If you want to learn more about me, you could read about me in the Commercial Appeal

Of course, we could just meet in person which would be great for me!  Just contact my foster mommy, Heike, at or my friend Damie at for more information.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Friends

Shelby Angel is playing with a really fun friend right now.  

It is very possible that these two want to make this a permanent play date...

I will keep you updated!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The New Year: 2010

My plans for the new year are to continue to make new friends!!!   xxxxxooooo Shelby Angel