Sunday, March 20, 2011

It has been a good 2 weeks walking at the Humane Society. I am falling in love with so many different dogs, and no matter how tired I am on Friday night, by the time I leave...I am in a better place.
Shelby Angel and Aunt Bookie

Me and Shelbs

I had a good talk with John, the director at the Humane Society about Shelby Angel on Friday. We talked about her special needs with finding a forever home. She continues to have a huge fixation on toys and refuses to give them up, will try to take them from your hand, and can be aggressive with them. Since she is not an aggressive dog, it is really frustrating to see her act that way with a toy. She was not as fixated on toys when she was living at our home (although she was starting to become more problematic with them) ...but as John says, she knows now she only gets a very limited amount of time with a toy and it changes the way she views them.

So this Friday, I had her spend a good deal of time with me with NO toys. And it was great to have the friendly, loving Shelby just snuggle, hang out, chase, and chill. She is so easy for me to handle- I had to leash her 6 x so other walkers could cut through our yard, and Shelby is just as calm as can be. She is a good girl. And seriously- she just smiles and smiles when I am there to visit her. It is wonderful to see how she really knows and loves me.

Now we just need to find a home where someone can really work with a headstrong dog that needs a lot of work getting over her toy aggression/possession. John keeps saying that home will I keep praying. And in the meantime, I keep giving her some BFF love. ;))))

Friday, March 4, 2011

I have resorted to stealing pictures of Shelby Angel because I haven't seen her in two weeks! I am now an official dog walker at the Humane Society, but dog walking has been canceled tonight because of the weather. Here are some facebook pictures of the cutie :)