Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Two new pictures :)

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! I told you she was a happy girl and got excited when I would come visit! What a great smile she has!
And kisses :) You know I am a big, big fan of Shelby Angel kisses. Bring them on!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beyond the Myth and updates ;)

I didn't realize I really had any readers for this blog anymore- and then I got a comment reminding me that some people do want updates! So here I go again!

Shelby Angel is still at the Humane Society in Memphis. She has a "lifestyle" room, which is really great because visitors can see her through the glass. Lucky girl! I am still volunteering as a dog walker, so I get to see whenever I get a chance. She just goes nuts when I come around. :)

Shelby is the epitome of loyal. The other day another dog walker had her out in a pen for some playtime. When I arrived, she was really, really excited to see me and we had a chance to play a little bit. When it was time for her to go in, the dog walker could not get her to budge. Shelby just planted her feet and refused to budge a single inch...looking back over her shoulder at me the whole time. I had to walk in with them so she would follow me. I mean, she is just a lover and a good girl...just soooooo loyal. She loves people, and she really, really loves specific people! ;) She just has an amazing ability to bond and attach strongly.

But, her forever home still has not come along. I generally leave her in tears- it is just so frustrating to me. But, I am also frustrated for all of the other great dogs up there as well. I could go on and on and on about this..... the blind eye our society turns to animal abuse, my ignorant co-workers that want to breed their dogs even though there are millions of animals put to sleep every year, the tons and tons of people I know that refuse to spay/neuter.

Okay- so here is my plug for today. Please go see this movie, buy a ticket, or just make a donation. I am a huge supporter of pit bulls. I have had nothing but positive experiences with them and I am PISSED that they are so abused. If people were fighting labs, there would be a huge outcry. But because "pit bulls" have received a bad reputation, it is as though people just don't really care that they are tortured in ways we cannot fathom. I do have a goal- Shelby Angel has given me a goal. I know I cannot do it now, but I am forever plotting and planning. One day I will have a place where all pit bulls will be welcome to come and rest, live, and love. (and then I might become a cop at age 50 and bust up and lock up every single animal abuser- someone has to do it!!!!!)


Wednesday, June 15th 7:00 PM, Malco Studio On The Square

Advance movie tickets $12 each, $15 at the door

Movie and after movie party, $27 advance- Slider Inn,

(2117 Peabody Ave. at Peabody/Cooper Ave.)

Purchase tickets at:

Performance by soundtrack artist, Kimber Cleveland