Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Memphis Faces More Sad Times

If you have not already heard or read about the sad news, you may want to take the time to look at this article: Memphis Animal Shelter Cruelty. (caution, graphic picture)

Not a day goes by that I don't worry about animals and the abuse that many face day in and day out. It never hurts less when I see or hear about animal abuse. I never grow calloused to it.

It hurts me so much to know my taxes have paid for human cruelty. That someone cashed a paycheck on behalf of me to abuse animals. And it hurts even more deeply to wonder if this will change-will there really be a change? I can only hope, but I have lots of doubts. I am not sure this nation, this city, has any concern for making kindess and humane treatment to animals a priority. I imagine politicians are more concerned about that new BMW and $1,000 suit, made to impress the next insecure person with waivering values.

Thanks to Shelby Angel, I do know that there are those of us out there that do care for animals and want to end the abuse. I know this because I received so many letters to Shelby Angel with best wishes and offerings of help. Let's not give up- let's keep helping- let's keep encouraging others. Thank you for all of your encouragement to me.


  1. I have a Board meeting and can't go, but there is a Vigil tonight at 6pm and Come to Spaytacular on Sunday at 3pm!! Spaying and Neutering is the ONLY way to keep these dogs outta the shelter!!