Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bath Time!!!

After a long day at work, I came home with "wash the dogs" on my to-do list. Ughh...I can hardly wash my own dishes.

But, as usual, Shelby Angel's handling tolerance was amazing. She is also such a good girl when it comes to grooming and such. Just yesterday I clipped her nails, and she just stood there patiently. Same thing with the bath! She just stands there for me like it is no big deal. (while Rooney and Cayenne act like it is the worst thing in the world...squirming and pouting the whole time).

I try to make bath time fun. I scratch, scratch, scratch in all of the good spots!!!! Ooh, ooh scratch more!!!!!

And I sing goofy songs while we wash everything off. :))))) Even bath time can be fun around here!


  1. Oooooo, I should have brought Latte by! He needs a bath too! ;)

  2. so sweet! my rescued pit is the same way! by the way, i changed my blog site! it was but now it is i saw the old one in your "friends" list! thanks for the shout out :)