Sunday, October 31, 2010


Shelby Angel has received a warm welcome from the Humane Society of Memphis, and she is a current resident and ready for adoption! Why the Humane Society?

I knew when I met John, the current director, that Shelby Angel would be in good hands. He had heard of her story, and he immediately took to her with a great attitude. He instantly believed that Shelby was a good dog- he did not view her as aggressive or a problem dog- rather he said she was incredibly sweet and just seemed to be intimidated at times. This sentiment has been expressed many times by the vet's office and Shelby's foster families. She is a great dog that is looking for the right home.

Dave and I had run out of adoption options, and Shelby was not fitting in at our home with our high-strung, sometimes aggressive male. The Humane Society will now be able to help her find some more potential adopters while giving her any training she may need in the meantime. So now she has a safe place to live with access to potential adoptees and loving volunteers. We are grateful.

The day prior to moving to the Humane Society, Shelby Angel was playing in my parent's backyard while everyone was at work. When my dad got home, he found Shelby in the backyard- playing with the neighbor's dog that had managed to squeeze through the fence into his backyard. Every time my dad put the other dog in her yard, she would find a way to get back through to play with Shelby. Again, it just illustrates Shelby's potential.

And here is just a cute picture I had to post of my dad at the lake with Shelbs. How funny is this! :) They enjoyed playing so much!

We certainly miss her around her. I go and visit her every single week, and there is no limit to her happiness when I walk through that door. The bonding we have experienced has been incredible- and we know we love each other. She is going to make someone a very faithful and loving dog. You should see her hug and kiss me when I visit now. She won't even budge a step on the walk if I am not right by her side.

She is doing well- everyone loves her and says great things about her. We hope the right family comes along soon. I promise to keep writing- Shelby's journey is not over yet! Thank you for visiting and spread the word about this great dog.

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  1. I'm so happy she is doing well and you go and visit her. If there is ever anything I can do for her, besides spread that word about how wonderful she is and that she is ready for adoption, please let me know.