Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy 2011, Anakin Buddies, and More!

Eek!!! I just realized I haven't blogged since November!

First of all- Happy 2011. Shelby Angel hopes this is a great year for you...and of course a great year for her.
I am excited to tell you that Shelbs is now an "Anakin Buddy." What does that mean?

Anakin was a dog that lived at the Humane Society for 3 years before finding a forever home. Can you imagine getting passed up time and time again before you finally get a chance? There is now a program in honor of Anakin to help other dogs get some attention and find their forever homes too. As an Anakin Buddy, all adoption fees are paid by a private sponsor to get them one step closer to a good home.

When I found out about the Anakin Buddy program, I immediately wanted to sponsor Shelby Angel. Of course, right? Well, ha ha on me. She had already been sponsored!!! And, there were already several requests to sponsor her!!!! I have been telling you guys, this girl is wonderful and everyone loves her!

So- get up to the Humane Society. Check out Shelby Angel and every dog up there. There is a best friend waiting for you!

And if you aren't ready to adopt a dog, call and ask if you can sponsor a dog to be part of the Anakin Buddy program. 901-937-3900

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