Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Catching Up!

Tonight my sister and I went to foster mom Heike's house to catch up with Shelby Angel and write some thank you notes.  With the exception of her feet (please, please heal!) she is looking so great!  She is a beautiful girl, and she is still as sweet as ever.  

Here she is with my sister, Rebekah.  When Shelby Angel was still living at the vet for treatment, Rebekah used to go check on her during her lunch breaks from work and help take care of her feet.  Rebekah has been a big part in helping with Shelby Angel's recovery.  

And there really have been so many people that have helped in Shelby Angel's recovery.  This is just a glimpse of Rebekah, Heike, and myself taking some time to thank the people that have given Shelby Angel so much support.  We have so much thanks to give- we haven't even scratched the surface with the depth of our gratitude.  

We are thrilled, excited, and honored to have so many thank you letters to write! (Plus, the more thank you letters we have to write, the more excuses I can come up with to visit Shelby Angel!)

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  1. so glad to hear she is doing well :) all of you are in my thoughts.