Monday, September 14, 2009

A note from Shelby's foster mom

My name is Heike, and I am Shelby’s foster mom. After Damie told me about rescuing Shelby, I could not stop thinking about Damie’s courage and persistence, and how much I would like to help her and the dog. I have been fostering dogs for a while now: Shelby is my tenth foster dog this year. I have rescued dogs by myself and fostered for two Memphis rescue organizations, Petmatchmaker and Good Dog Rescue. When I heard that Damie was looking for a foster home for Shelby, a quiet home for her to recover, I immediately made a commitment. Many people have given generous donations, and many more have sent heartfelt regards, toys, and treats. We are infinitely grateful for all the help Shelby has received! It makes all the difference.
Shelby has been with me for about a week now, and she is recovering nicely. She has gained some weight, and her toes are healing as well. My best friend Teisha, a nurse, has drawn up nutrition and wound care regimen that works really well: Shelby is on a high-protein diet of puppy chow and my special homemade beef stew. She loves peanut butter and carrots. I soak her toes in an Epsom salt solution twice a day, and spray her wounds with an antiseptic every few hours. The antibiotics appear to be working, and we are hoping that Shelby will not have to get her leg amputated. Her personality is really coming out now that she is feeling better. She is a calm dog, and is learning to be a family pet. I was surprised to see that she is completely housebroken. Shelby likes to nap in the sun, on the couch, on my lap, on her back. She snores, it’s too funny. She is a very silly dog and grins when you scratch her behind the ears. She is careful around people and other dogs at first, but warms up very quickly. Shelby is still a puppy although she has had puppies of her own. She bonds with people – Damie, Rebecca, Charlie and me. I am not sure I want to know what she has been through, but dogs have taught me not to obsess about the past and to live in the moment.
It’s a pleasure to have her here, and it is wonderful to see how many people are helping us care for this cutie. Isn’t it amazing how companion animals bring out the best in us? How we find our gentle and caring side in the midst of our busy lives? How there’s always time for a belly rub or a spoonful of peanut butter? Life is good.


  1. Thanks Heike for all you do in the world of dog rescue. You are amazing! :)

  2. I'm going to echo Laura's sentiment - thank you!! You are incredible!!! Hugs to you and Shelby Angel! :)