Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hello Water!

The grandparents called me this week to say they were going to take Shelby Angel to the lake to "give me a break." Since I didn't need a break from her ? ( because she is the easiest, loving dog ever), I thanked them but said we were just fine here. They came and got her anyways, so I guess giving me a break really meant giving themselves some time with Shelby Angel.  Funny how they never want to "give me a break" from Rooney and Cayenne, my two psycho dogs.  I don't blame the grandparents, I would take the calm dog too! 
Here is a picture of Shelby Angel and her first boat ride ever.  :)
And here is a picture of Shelby Angel with her grandmother in the paddle boat.  Looks like Shelbs needs to move her chunky self over to the other side before they capsize!  

My dad also has some hilarious videos of Shelby playing with another dog at the cabin and helping my mom do yard work.  I will try to post a video if I can in another post.  

Happy Spring!


  1. She really is the cutest dog ever :)

  2. very cute! what a great dog!