Saturday, May 8, 2010

Life And Times

This picture cracks me up. I was home one day and just happened to look out of the kitchen window to find Shelby eating crusty charred stuff-weeks old- off of the grill. What a goober! Some of the things these dogs do are so funny when they think I am not looking.

Shelby Angel just finished her second round of heartworm treatment. She seems to be doing well so far. She has definitely been pouting because she does not get to play with Cayenne and Roo outside during the day. Earlier today I was outside with the other two dogs and I heard the saddest little howl coming from the house. So pitiful! :) She goes back to the vet in one more week for a check-up, so hopefully she will be on the road to life long health after this! And then, we need to keep looking to find her a great home!!! She is definitely an Angel, and she has not yet met a person that did not fall in love with her.

Here is a picture of me (exhausted) with the animals. The dogs LOVE my bike gear because it is nice and sweaty. They found my sweaty arm warmers and ripped some new holes in them. I swear they can get away with almost anything, but when they destroy bike gear it really goads me. So, this is a picture of me, tired, sewing my arm warmer back together that the dogs tried to chew up. I think all of the animals were trying to come and love on me so I wouldn't feel so mad. :))))) It is hard to stay grumpy at this crew.

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