Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Too Hot!

Several of our Friday night dog walking sessions have been canceled from the excessive heat here in Memphis. I have not seen Shelby Angel in 2 weeks! :( No bueno!!!!

So, hopefully this Friday I will get to see her.

Also on my "to do" list is to talk to John at the Humane Society and find out if I can post some cute pictures or a nice little sign linking visitors to her blog on her kennel. Bekah and I had originally put some cute pictures, a print out of the blog, and the Commercial Appeal article on her kennel when she first arrived at the Humane Society. Everything has since gone MIA.

I think having a little extra information on her kennel would be great. I want people to see that she is just as special as all of the dogs there and that she has a story. I also want them to know that there are people that do know her and her behavior and can answer some questions!

I hope everyone is surviving the heat. I am going to put out a little extra water bowl on my front porch in case there are some critters in need of hydration. :)

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  1. Posting on her kennel is a great idea and the HS is very supportive of efforts like that. Things probably just need to be replaced periodically since they can get a little worn over time. You may also ask them if whoever does the Pet Finder listings, if they would be willing to link to her blog as well. The more people know how amazing she is the better.

    Give her lots of hugs from me!