Thursday, August 11, 2011

Let's Get The Word Out!

Okay, everyone that has facebook access, please go to Shelby Angel's link on Petfinder and "like" her. This could be one step we can do to make her more visible.

I am going to speak with the media contact at the Humane Society to get some press updated on Shelby Angel. I think it would help provide a more clear picture of her.

For one, as a dog walker at the Humane Society, I walk a lot of dogs that "pull." Shelby is not one of these dogs. In the petfinder description, it describes her as a dog with a lot of energy that likes to run on leash- it almost gives the impression that she is a "hand full." In reality, she can run about 1 mile (when it is not hot) and she stays right by your side. She is not a puller. Initially, when getting out of her room at the Humane Society, she will pull for a couple of minutes out of excitement, but then she settles down. She is one of the easiest dogs to walk. And, as she has lived in my home, I can attest that she was HANDS DOWN the easiest dog to walk. She wants to be right by you- she is not a big explorer.

So, I think with a little time and effort, I can help make these messages clear to potential adopters. She is a GREAT walking dog. She is a VERY CALM dog.

She has never growled or barked at another passing dog. She has never lunged at a nearby dog. I think these are some things to which I can attest, that others may not know. The only aggression we have seen from her has been Yep. Toys. Not even food. So, I am going to keep trying to step up and get the message about her clear. Please like her petfinder link on your facebook page to help out. Thank you so much.

And, just a fun note- last weekend I was stranded at Shelby Farms after a 3 hour run. Exhausted and sweaty, I made my way over to Shelby Angel while waiting for a ride and just sat in her kennel with her and snuggled for about 30 minutes. I just miss her so, so, so much. She is a complete BFF.

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  1. We'll do whatever it takes to find her the loving, forever home she deserves (and one that allows you and your family visitation rights). :)