Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Catching Up!

Where have we been?  Sorry to take so long on an update.  Shelby is doing well and thriving at her foster home.  She may even be thriving TOO well, as she is the opposite of starving now :)  hee hee!

I had the pleasure of dog sitting Shelby this weekend.  She was welcomed by Rooney and Cayenne and had access to our big backyard filled with old running shoes for play toys.  (and old running shoe, I have found, is like heaven to dogs).  

She did as well as I expected- meaning she was super sweet and got along with every one.  As usual, no growls, barks, or mean faces.  She was even sweet when it was time for her injections- ouch!  We spent the weekend playing, and Shelby Angel even got to snuggle with me, Rooney, and Cayenne in bed when Dave when to work!  

I am normally great at taking pictures, but I actually did not get any this weekend!  This is a last minute shot I took before I had to take Shelby Angel back to Heike's.  The picture makes me laugh- for one, because all 3 dogs have huge ears, and two- they have those sad puppy dog faces as if they know I am leaving to go to work for the day.  

So, I am happy to share with you that again, Shelby Angel has been amazing company.  What a great dog-I love spending time with her.  

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  1. How nice to get playtime with others! Glad it was a fun weekend :)