Saturday, October 17, 2009

Foot Update

Shelby Angel is home from the vet. She had toes on 2 feet amputated, and hopefully she will finally be on the solid road to recovery. In usual Shelby Angel style, she is in great spirits and happy to be back with her foster mommy. The minute we pulled up into Heike's driveway, she got so excited and happy. She ran straight out with her two bum feet to play with Holly and Waylon!

Oh yea- and she now weighs 49 pounds- she is up about 20 pounds since I found her! I told you she was starving! Now she is a chunky monkey- not overweight (yet) but definitely a solid little girl!

If all goes well with the feet, we may be starting heart worm treatment soon. Will keep you posted!


  1. I'm so glad they were toes and not feet :) Wow, almost 50 lbs..good size girl...mine are about 65-70 lbs..Glad to hear the update that she is doing well...

  2. Poor baby! Hopefully she will start to be able to walk without hurting now. I need to go visit!